Condensed Matters

This is Condensed Matters, a website run by students of the Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics to share interesting stories about themes related to condensed matter.

What is condensed matter?

Condensed Matter Physics is a broad term that encompasses a lot of different areas of physics. Generally, it considers what happens when a large number of atoms are interacting with one another. This can include quantum interactions between small groups of atoms, or the physical properties of macroscopic materials.

The images above show (l-r): an example from soft-matter physics of colloidal particles interacting with a liquid crystal, a device made using atomic layer deposition, and a dilution refrigerator used to study superconducting materials at cryogenic temperatures. All of these fall under the theme of condensed matter.

Take a look at our latest article:

Ultracold Gases: Quantum Phenomena at Macroscopic Scales
by Dean Johnstone

When atoms are cooled to ultracold temperatures, collective quantum effects allow for a gas to exhibit quantum phenomena on macroscopic length scales. In this article, we will describe how these properties arise and show how macroscopic features of ultracold gases can be used to simulate black holes in a laboratory, generate artificial crystals of light and test the frontiers of condensed matter research with ideal quantum simulators.

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